Rahul's Historic Speech at 84th Plenary Session of Congress
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 17-Mar-2018


Rahul Gandhi finished his introductory speech at 84th plenary of Congress in almost 5 minutes. He did say that he will deliver a longer speech at the end of plenary session. This speech was indeed historic. Rahul Gandhi didn’t goof up even once and of all the people Sonia Gandhi sitting in the front row did look relived.

It must have come as a ray of hope for Congress party. But the sad news is that the hope ends here only.

Rahul Gandhi, said in the beginning of his speech that the plenary session was being viewed by crores of Congress party workers (???????? Congress has more party workers than voters!!!!)

He said his party will learn from experienced leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram, Amrinder Singh and Siddaramiah. Each of the experienced leaders he named, are either themselves involved in a scam or their family members are involved in scam. So, one can safely conclude that Congress will learn to do more scams.

He also said country is being divided (hinting at BJP). While he forgot that it was Congress which was instrumental in dividing the country. As recently as on 1 March on a debate in Oxford, where on the motion was the topic “This House regrets the Partition of India: Over 70 years ago, the world witnessed one of the largest forced migrations in history, with the movement of 14 million people across a divided and soul-searching nation. Do we regret the Partition for the onslaught of religious violence and vast loss of life,...” and senior Congress leader and the former foreign minister of India, Salman Khurshid spoke against the motion.

How currently Congress is joining people of different state is evident from the following tweet of 16th March by Karnataka Congress.

It is openly trying to create difference between citizens of rest of India and citizens of Karnataka. Karnataka government celebrates Tipu Jaynati a mass murderer and declares Lingayatas as non-Hindu, celebrates Urdu and abuses Hindi, asks minorities to not replay the loans etc. All of it are sign of building brotherhood, and love according to Rahul Gandhi, President of Indian National Congress.

And not to forget, Sonia Gandhi had cried when a terrorist was killed in encounter, it was Rahul Gandhi was talking dangers from Hindu terrorism to US diplomats and it was Congress party which was butchering Cow on the streets of Kerala. Indeed Congress party has been spreading love and brotherhood ISIS style.

To conclude, Rahul Gandhi’s speech reinforces the belief that he is working with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India, ‘Congress Mukt’.

I wish him all the luck.

Article by Mr Sandeep Singh @communalsandeep

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