Safeguarding its unique identity, Aruku Valley Coffee registers to get ‘Premium Tag’
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 05-Mar-2018

Telangana, March 5: Implementing the ‘Integrated Coffee Development Project’ for promoting coffee grown in the Aruku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, the Coffee Board has applied for registration and set a premium tag to safeguard its unique identity.


Produced by the tribal community Aruku Valley, the coffee grown in the areas has been very famous for ages. Under the Integrated Coffee Development Project, the schemes include extending financial support to the farmers for replantation and expansion, creation of water harvesting and irrigation infrastructure and mechanization of coffee estate operations.

However in the non-traditional areas financial support is extended for merging of existing coffee plantations through gap filling and application of fertilizer. Along with this technical assistance is also given by organizing capacity building programs and field demonstration. However the Coffee Board is facilitating collective marketing techniques to promote the authenticated coffee and provides incentives at Rs 10 per Kg for Self Help Groups and grower collectives.

The Aruku valley coffee has gained importance and popularity for its high quality speciality coffee internationally. The Coffee Board has developed exclusive logos for coffee grown in the country based on their geographical distinctiveness. Coffee Board encourages the coffee growers to participate in the “Flavour of India-The Fine Cup Award” competition organized by Coffee Board every year.