Empowered citizen is strongest pillar of our Democracy says PM Modi unveiling new premises of Central Information Commission
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 06-Mar-2018

New Delhi, March 6: There are five pillars of today's ‘Modern Information Highway’ on which we are working together. These 5 pillars are - Ask, Listen, Interact, Act, and Inform, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi after inaugurating the new premises of Central Information Commission. 

Addressing the inauguration PM Modi spoke on the significance of ‘Modern Information Highway’. He said that “Transparency and Accountability are very essential for democratic and partisan governance. When there is transparency in the system, the responsibility for people increases, the responsibility of the liability, the way the governments work and the impact of the schemes both change.”


Further, he said that I believe that empowered citizen is the strongest pillar of our democracy. In the last 4 years, you have seen how the Central Government has tried to keep people informed and empowered through different means.

Stressing on the significance of information, he said that there are many instances in history that when information is treated like a one-way channel, then how many serious results it gets. Therefore our government works on the principle of Modern Information Highway, rather than one-dimensional approach.

Prime Minister further spoke on five pillars citing different examples. He said that the first pillar ‘Ask’, in the government policy and project, every kind of questions are given priority for better governance. MyGov, which is the world's largest citizen engagement platform, people engage with a government with all their questions.

Further, he continued saying that the second is Pillar: 'Listen'. Today there is a government in the country that listens to people. The Government gives serious attention to the suggestions given on CPGRAMS, Social Media. Many times our government has made suggestions from people, changes in policy after their feedback.

The questions and suggestions are as important as the interaction and this is the third pillar of the information highway. I believe that interaction also establishes an emotional connection between the government and the citizens, he added.

The fourth pillar of the Information Highway is- 'Act'. If there is a lack of action after the question-suggestions-dialogue, then all the hard work is worthless. Even during the GST, you may have seen how the new rules were made while taking quick action on complaints and changes were made in the rules, he said.

Further, he said that the fifth column of the Information Highway is - Inform. The duty of the government is to give citizens correct information about their actions. Therefore, this work has been done by the government for the first time to make updates about plans to people through DashBoard to provide real-time information.

Today India is moving rapidly towards digitally empowered society. IT is not only used to simplify procedures, but this technology has also ensured transparency and quality of service, PM Modi said.

Talking over the new premises PM Modi said that this building CIC was formed almost 12 years ago. Since then the work of the commission was going on in rented buildings. After the formation of the NDA government in 2014, all the procedures accelerated approved 60 Crores for this building and started work on fast. It is important that its construction work was to be completed at the end of this month, but the respective departments completed all the work and gave it to the Commission in November last year, he added. PM Modi also recalled inaugurating Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Centre.

PM Modi also launched the mobile application ‘Central Information Commission’ after unveiling the new premises.