West Bengal to Go Green! Estimates to bring 2000 schools under solar umbrella
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 07-Mar-2018

Kolkata, March 7: West Bengal has set to achieve twin goals of lower power expenses and making a strong case for sustainable energy by its decision to install solar panels in approximately 2000 schools by 2019.

This is not the first time educational institutes have been brought under the solar umbrella. Far away from Bengal, in Puducherry, there is a school which is self-reliant in terms of energy, sharing the excess it produces with other buildings in the area. However, in West Bengal, this seems to be an umbrella move, covering a large number of school.

According to Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay, Minister of the Power and Non-Conventional Energy Sources, has said that around 673 school roofs already have solar panels installed, and the remaining should have their roofs fitted with panels soon. The optimistic minister spoke of the 1000-school target by March, and mentioned a fresh 1000-school target, for the next financial year.

Apart from schools, solar panels have also been installed in around 21 colleges and five universities.

Areas such as Bakreswar, Sagardighi and Santhaldighi have thermal power plants and huge water bodies. These water bodies will have ‘floating solar panels’ installed on them. The department will insulate the overhead cables, so they won’t be tampered with, thus reducing loss of power from power theft.

The use of solar power in approximately 2000 schools will save West Bengal a lot of money but will have another, lasting effect by proving to the future generation, that solar power or other non-conventional energy sources are the best bet for the future.