Lets pledge to craft a free and safe country for women on this Womens Day: Sushma Swaraj
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 08-Mar-2018

New Delhi, March 8: Let’s come together and celebrate our source of existence. Woman! Yes, today on this International Women Day let us take an oath to craft a country that appreciate efforts of woman, conquer their victorious efforts and on top of all respect woman.

Addressing on Women Day, External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj highlighted the achievements made by women and appeal everyone to create an environment that respects woman and escalate the exertions and sweat woman go through. There is a need to change the mindset, men and women, the society and the government should take an oath that we should overcome the atrocities faced by woman.


There was a time when Army, Air Force, Commercial pilot, all these area were ruled by men. Today women work for combat duty, as a pilot in Air Force department, conquers Everest by limbed leg, and the BSF women showing their talent through riding bikes on 26th January on Rajpath has shown us how women have lead the nation.

But we should also not forget the inequalities faced by women and torture they face at some point of time in their life. Therefore it is important for us as a nation to come forward and speak against their problems woman face and help them create an environment where the nation comes together and fights back against the shameful mindset of demeaning women.

She further added that today is the day where all of us should come together and take an oath to stop all the problems and inequality faced by woman. It should be seen as a movement we all come together and stop the atrocities implied on women. It is only when we as a nation support them, that day we will conquer as a country to celebrate Women’s day in true sense.