More power to women empowerment! 50 women felicitated for crafting a clean country
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 08-Mar-2018

Tiruvananthapuram, March 8: Seems like women empowerment is rolling in full swing and how! Appreciating the work and the efforts put by women, almost 50 women in Vishakhapatnam were awarded and felicitated with gifts for their contribution towards creating a cleaner nation.

Kerala is a state which always sets an example for a good and clean state. Time and again it has proved how people have come together and the state highlights the progress every time it is in news. Encouraging education and being the state with highest literacy rate, the state also encompasses the various other schemes for development of the people there. Likewise, this felicitation to the women power is much needed for their sweat and efforts they put to make a good environment.

Women have proved every now and then that they conquer any field they try their talent. Giving women a perfect gift on their day, these women were awarded for keeping the environment clean. Sanitation has been a major concern for most of the people especially in rural areas. Keeping this problem in mind, the government has taken initiatives to have a clean environment.

The ambitious initiative of Swacch Bharat Mission has been seeing the day of light since the very beginning as people are coming forward and playing their part well. The government has also initiated sanitation schemes for creating a clean environment.