Trishul, the next target - III
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Apr-2018


Ashutosh Varshney’s in his article titled “Liberals and Nationalism” published on 29th March in the editorial page of Indian Express, instead of objecting to a comparison of Trishul an object of worship to the burka, a symbol of slavery, goes on to abuse Manu Smriti. He says Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar burnt Manu Smriti, without mentioning that he also wanted to burn the India Constitution, which he himself had written.


Wonder how many of these Manu Smriti abusers have read it in Sanskrit. Only if they would have read it they would have realised it is one of the finest work of its time and was written for a different era.

Mani Shakar Aiyar also in his article plugs in his book published more than a decade ago, along with the publisher name. The same book in which he has indicated that Hindus didn’t become free after British left India, it was just that piddi (small) Muslim rulers became free and Hindus were still slaves of Muslims.

No wonder when Hindus themselves have become the enemy of Hinduism, Hinduism is under severe attack.

Every Hindu festival, a ritual is under attack on some or the other pretext e.g. Dipawali for pollution, without any proof, Holi for water wastage without a sensible argument etc. Supreme Court has started deciding if Hindus can chant their prayers or not and a terrorist threat every year puts a question mark on Amarnath yatra. Dahi Handi is attacked for being unsafe for children while Makar Sankranti becomes unsafe for birds. (children being hit on Muharram and slaughter of cow on Eid, is perfectly fine for these same set of people)

Going by the trend, it looks like its Trishul which is being targeted now and the likes of Guha will happily be willing to part of this charade even if they have to face insult and humiliation. It started in Indian Express, has been taken to NDTV by Mani Shankar Aiyar. His disdain for Hindus is well known. Outlook has carried the argument and so have few other publications of the cabal.

This is how slowly the left-liberal secular media cabal will create an atmosphere against Trishul.

And suddenly there will be few manufactured incidents involving Trishul.

A PIL will be filled in the high court by a foreign-funded NGO, which will be fast-tracked saying Trishul is more dangerous than the nuclear bomb and a ban will be imposed on Trishul.

British took away arms and ammunition from Hindus. The lathi of RSS volunteer is called more dangerous than the AK 47 of Islamic terrorists by the same left-liberal secular media cabal. Now a day, only on Ramnavmi Hindus carry out their procession with some arms and weapons. Ramnavmi procession is under sustained attack from the left-liberal secular media lobby. They have a problem with the arms being carried in the procession while they never object to arms being displayed on the occasion of Muharram procession. Their attempt is to completely disarm Hindus and Trishul is the next target.

Hindus are being killed all across India. In fact Indian Express, one of the torchbearers of the Left Liberal Secular Media cabal, has itself published the following headline “Why Asansol is still on edge: Hindus terrified to return home,..”. This headline was for the riots that erupted after Ramnavmi celebration by Hindus.

Shamelessly while on the one hand, Indian Express publishes how Hindus are being butchered in their only country by Muslims and on the other hand publishes articles after articles saying Muslims are under threat because of Hindus.

To stop Trishul from getting demonised and banned Hindu organisation and leadership should come forward and demand an apology from Indian Express and Ramachandra Guha, Irena Akbar, Mukul Keshavan, Abdul Khaliq and others for insulting Trishul and hurting the sentiments of Hindus. If need be these publications and individuals should be taken to court. Hindus will have to become proactive.

And yes, I am publishing it in NEWSBHARATI @NewsBharati because I was not only looking for a bigger but also a credible platform.

Sandeep Singh is Political Analyst, tweets from @communalsandeep