MHI escorts 27 children to Lucknow, restores them with their parents
Source :NewsBharati   Date :15-May-2018

Mumbai, May 14: My Home India (MHI), Mumbai unit under its Chiled Welfare project named “Sapno se Apno Tak” conducted an escort operation of 27 children from Mumbai to Lucknow on Monday.

According to a press release issued by MHI, these children were either lost or runaway from Uttar Pradesh and were found in and around Mumbai by the police personnel.

The MHI traced the parents of these children from Uttar Pradesh. The CWC ordered the transfer of these children to Lucknow for their onward restoration with their parents after confirmation of proper documents.

My Home India, Mumbai was given the job to escort these children to Lucknow, the release said. They left Mumbai on Monday night with MHI taking care of these 27 children.

Up till now the MHI has restored mover 2000 such unfortunate children with their parents in the last three years. These children were languishing in the remand homes for want of proper document support.

Under the guidance of Sunil Deodhar, the founder of MHI has set a goal of to restore over 1.25 lakh children languishing in remand homes in India to their parents by 2020 under its campaign ‘Sapno se Apno Tak’.