Over 2 lakh children in Punjab vaccinated so far under campaign against Measles-Rubella
Source :NewsBharati   Date :16-May-2018

Chandigarh, May 16: The ongoing State-wide Vaccination Campaign against Measles-Rubella in Punjab has vaccinated over 20,00,000 children. Notably, the Vaccination Campaign against Measles-Rubella was kicked-off on 1st of May this year from Punjab’s Faridkot district as a part of a National strategy to eliminate Measles and control Rubella in the country.


Punjab's Health and Family Welfare Minister Brahm Mohindra on Tuesday informed that the ongoing Measles-Rubella vaccination campaign received a major boost today crossing coverage of 20,00,000 children with the vaccine. He stated that the major thrust to the campaign came from Government schools and mainly leading private schools across the state, where the coverage was nearly 100%.

Minister Brahm Mohindra also appreciated the efforts of Government and private school managements in achieving complete coverage in their schools and appealed others to follow the example and make the campaign a huge success.

He stated that with support from school teachers, some of the districts have already covered more than 50% of the target beneficiaries as of date. Ropar and Pathankot districts have reached 65% and 55% of targets, respectively, which is commendable. “Due to upcoming Ramadan and early summer vacations in some of the private schools the Health Minister instructed the health officials to prioritize vaccination in these areas so that desired coverage can be achieved on time,” he added.

The health minister also instructed teachers, both from private and Government schools, to play a proactive role in educating parents about the need of Measles-Rubella vaccination and take responsibility to get all eligible children vaccinated in their respective schools. “In case any assistance is needed, the health Department teams are readily available to provide any technical information and answers the queries being received from the parents of children,” he added.

He, in the end, stated that to further step up awareness among communities and parents and to dispel fake propaganda and rumors, the Health Department has decided to immediately despatch dedicated Publicity Vans equipped with Audio-visual aids and print material to few specific districts. These vans would display promotional messages recorded by celebrities and prominent citizens and technical experts about the importance of MR vaccination.


The State-wide Vaccination Campaign against Measles-Rubella was kicked-off on 1ST May from Punjab’s Faridkot district as a part of a National strategy to eliminate Measles and control Rubella in the country. During the mega campaign, around 75 lakh children aged between 9 months to 15 years will be vaccinated.

Importantly, MR vaccine is safe and administered worldwide under Routine Immunization program as well as through MR vaccination campaigns. MR vaccine is also used for the campaign is a WHO prequalified vaccine, produced under stringent and highly supervised conditions by Serum Institute of India which is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers and exporters globally with its vaccines used all over the world including American and European nations.

Already 3 phases of MR vaccination Campaign have been completed in 13 states covering around 7-8 crore children with this vaccine safely while Punjab is being covered in Phase 4.