Do not disturb communal harmony, Minority panel tells Delhi Archbishop
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-May-2018

New Delhi, May 24: There is no instability in the country. The country has got a very competent and stable government and the atmosphere in the country is full of communal harmony. The government without discriminating on the lines of caste, creed or religion and sect, is committed to development of all. As such no one should indulge in disturbing the communal harmony in the country.

This is what the National Minority Commission told the Delhi Archbishop Anil Cuoto who had issued a letter to all parish churches to conduct special prayers and observe fast on every Friday till the 2019 elections are over to elect a government that will respect the pluralistic character of the society.

The Archbishop had claimed in his letter that the country is facing instability with ‘increasing attacks on Christian and Muslim minorities by the Hindu radicals endangering the democratic character of the country. He asked the Christians to pray for bringing a new government in 2019 that will respect this plurality and uphold the Constitutional and secular character of the country.

Responding to this appeal of the Archbishop the Chairman of the National Minority Commission Sayyad Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi said that the BJP government at the Centre has been working for the welfare and progress of all irrespective of their caste, creed and religions. This government has never discriminated with anybody in the name of religion.

“You are talking of political instability but there is a flow of development everywhere in the country. The country is marching towards a consolidated progress. This is the exact reality but you are ignoring this and trying to disturb the communal harmony and religious peace. Your letter would create an atmosphere of fear in the country”, Rizvi said while talking to the agencies on Wednesday.