Celebrating 4 years of efficacious governance, Amit Shah proudly says “India saw a new ‘light’ after Modi government took over”
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-May-2018

New Delhi, May 26: The capital woke up celebrating the completion of four years of Modi government. Bhartiya Janata Party Chief Amit Shah stressed saying after “Modi government took over, India saw a new light. PM Narendra Modi is the most hardworking Prime Minister ever.” 

Addressing the press conference, Amit Shah said that under the leadership of Modi, we have given a transparent, strong decision-making and sensitive government to people's problems.

BJP had come to power when the country had lost its hope in governments, recalled Amit Shah when BJP government came to power with a massive wave.

Appreciating with pride, Amit Shah said “BJP has done the job of giving the country the highest working Prime Minister, it is a matter of pride for us. BJP has the pride that under the leadership of Modi, we have given a government to understand the interests of corruption, tough decisions and the interests of poor people and peasants.”

Speaking on the efforts taken by the BJP government, Amit Shah informed that today there is no village in India where there is no electricity. We achieved this target way before the deadline. And we are still working on making this better. BJP has given India a stable and reliable government. We are proud that this Prime Minister is a leader of BJP.

Further, he said that there have been no corruption scandals during our tenure. This government has worked immensely for the betterment of farmers and poor. Not a single scam taint on our government. We had promised a corruption-free government and we have delivered. Today, 20 states have NDA governments. 65 per cent of states have BJP governments, this shows people's trust in us, Amit Shah added.

PM Modi ended politics of appeasement, dynasty, ushered politics of development, Shah said. Opposition is indulging in politics of lies. Their only agenda is to remove Narendra Modi, our agenda is to remove anarchy from the country, Shah added.

Bharatiya Janata Party considers war the last option. However, we have zero tolerance regarding safety of our borders. The most number of terrorists have been killed in BJP government, Shah stressed prioritizing the national security the important concern of BJP government.

We managed to control price rise. India is now the world's fifth largest economy, Shah proudly said.