Pledging to fight against "Corrupt Congress" and work for farmers, PM Modi invites Karnataka people to trust in BJP
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-May-2018

Tumakuru, May 5: “Tumakuru is the land of great saints, Seers and Mutts who have played a strong role in the development of our nation. We are deeply inspired by them,” warm heartedly said Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off his Tumakuru public rally for his Karnataka Elections. PM Modi pledged to combat corrupt Congress by inviting people of Tumakuru to vote for B S Yeddyurrappa.

Recalling his memory, PM Modi said this land of Tumakuru is home to several greats. After becoming PM I had come here to Tumakuru and sought the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Sivakumar Swami Ji at the Sree Siddaganga Mutt.

Shutting down Congress, PM Modi said for years, the Congress kept saying- Gareeb, Gareeb, Gareeb. However, nothing came out of this rhetoric. They failed to transform the lives of the poor of India. Now, the Congress has stopped saying 'Gareeb' because the people of India have elected a person belonging to a poor family as their Prime Minister.

I have initiated a full-fledged battle against corruption and black money. There is no way we can tolerate corrupt practices, PM Modi pledged. Urging people to vote for B S Yeddyurrappa, PM Modi said if there is one leader who can transform the lives of the farmers, it is farmer leader.

Now, the Congress is trying to offer false rhetoric and empty promises to the famers. The Congress' neglect of the agriculture sector is very well known. I wish they were serious about the welfare of the farmers, PM Modi added.

Further he questioned, Which Congress government, either in Delhi (when they were in power for so long) or here in Karnataka ever thought about solving the water problem in Tumakuru? Sadly, they do not bother about the farmers.

Sarcastically talking over the hideous alliance of Congress and JDUs, PM Modi said Our respected former PM Deve Gowda Ji said so much during the 2014 campaign about me, made several personal attacks. After the elections I said that he need not remember all that he said. Right now, the JD(S) is working towards saving the Congress in Karnataka. People of Karnataka need to know the tacit alliance between Congress and JD(S)...they pretend to fight in parts of Karnataka but in Bengaluru the JD(S) supported a Congress mayor, who is sitting in office. What is the deal between these two parties?

Kept away from their basic needs, PM Modi hit at Congress asking Why are the people of Tumakuru not getting water from the Hemavati River? The Congress government lacks any concern for the farmers. He further spoke about the initiatives taken by the BJP government for Karnataka. He said our government at the Centre has worked on irrigation projects on which no work had happened for 30 years. Some of these key projects are also in Karnataka.

We are working on water conservation, micro-irrigation and linking our waterways, which was a dream of the beloved Atal Ji, PM Modi added.

The Central Government is according priority to ways through which we can increase coconut exports. Has the Congress government thought about this ever? Sadly, never, he said further. Resources have been allocated for Tumakuru's development under Smart Cities project. These resources are aimed at transforming Tumakuru but the state Government prefers to loot money rather than work for people's welfare.

The Central Government has worked substantially to improve connectivity and ensure better roads for the people of Karnataka, PM Modi informed.