Slamming Congress policy of ‘divide and rule’; PM Modi invokes ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ to people of Karnataka
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-May-2018

Koppal, May 8: Reaching at the feverish pitch, PM Narendra Modi and BJP are leaving no stones unturned for winning the forthcoming Karnataka Assembly Elections. Addressing road shows and rallies all over the state, BJP is making sure to win the masses belief by working towards their development.


“I would not let your sweat go in waste, your love and sacrifice will be repaid to you by my government with interest”, warmly cited PM Narendra Modi while addressing the political rally in Koppal, Karnataka. The BJP party believes in Rashtra Bhakti, helping the poor and taking the same emotions, we as party dwell in spreading confidence and faith in the people.


We believe in “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”, but there is a party in the country that has ruled the country for almost 60 years. The Congress party has also followed a slogan that is ‘For the Family’. For them only their family matters and their family is only their constitution. They work only for the family, come to the power for that reason and deplete only for that one family.

PM Modi giving out a sly remark said that the people of Congress are in a 'sleep mode' and they are not concerned with the issues pertaining to the people. they are a group of selfish brats who only work for one family. they are even not concerned about the difficulties of the families of farmers.

The Congress can lean to any level to attain the power. Duping to the lowest level the opposition has always worked for them. The political thinking of Congress is disturbing and it is quite visible to all the people to see the level at which the party has been duping. Yedurappa during his tenure had conducted various schemes to enhance the tourism and development of Karnataka but the opposition never tried to bring out and promote tourism and rich history of Karnataka. 

Slyly commenting on the opposition, PM Modi said that when he had initiated the Swachta Abhiyaan the Congress had mocked him for his initiative, but little did they know the problems of poor as those who are born with silver spoon cannot understand the pain people go through.


Elaborating the efforts the BJP government took for the people around the country, PM Modi emphasized that they have embarked initiative for welfare of people. The BJP government has also worked for gender equality and thus commented that protecting the girl child is our commitment. We believe in the mantra of 'Beta Beti Ek Samaan'. They have also come up with various women welfare schemes.


Shutting down the congress, PM modi asked what have they done for the farmers of the state? Why is it that farmers of Karnataka face shortage of water? The Congress government, being in 'sleep mode', is doing nothing to address their problems. In five years, they ruined the farmers of Karnataka. Urging the farmers to question the Congress, PM Modi asked what happened to the irrigation project they promised. Where did the money for the project go?

Slamming the promising he said that the Congress only is being selfish and thinks about their welfare. BJP are committed to welfare of farmers. We have decided to increase MSP of notified crops by 1.5 times. Bringing forth the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, farmers in Karnataka have hugely benefited from the scheme.


Speaking on the rally in Vijayapura, PM Modi firstly thanked the audience for their love and support they are enduring on the party and stated that this support and belief for the party will help them do better for the state. Aspiring a better life in the coming five years, people have been showing immense support to the party.

Blistering attack on Congress, PM Modi said that its time congress understands their stand in Karnataka and its time for people to punish them for the irregularities incited by the opposition. Congress as usual has never thought for the development of the people and therefore has been making excuses for their defeat.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi further accused the Congress of following the policy of “divide and rule”, and stressed that the party would be uprooted from Karnataka in the assembly elections.

Modi lashed out at the Siddaramaiah government over alleged corruption, saying there is not a single minister who is not facing allegations of financial wrongdoing. Modi repeatedly referred to Basaveshwara, the 12th century reformer-statesman, who is worshipped by the Lingayats, in an apparent effort to win over the numerically strong and influential community.


The state’s ruling Congress has recommended religious minority tag for the Lingayats, a traditional vote base of the BJP, a move, many feel, was aimed at splitting their votes. BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Yeddyurappa belongs to the Lingayat community. “Tell me the name of a single minister who is not facing allegations of corruption,” he said.

Modi claimed now even senior Congress leaders have lost confidence in Rahul Gandhi’s ability to secure victory for the party in Karnataka. “Even Congress leaders have begun to feel that the son would not be able to help the party win Karnataka. So, send the mother to ensure its candidates can save their security deposit,” Modi said.