Gujarat’s Mehsana continue to witness revolution in energy sector; opts solar energy
Source :NewsBharati   Date :13-Jun-2018

Mehsana, June 13: Gujarat stands on top amongst all other states witnessing a new revolution in solar energy. As soon as the PM Narendra Modi led BJP government came into power, the centre gave a boost to the technologies that function on solar energy and now it is proving to be a game changer.


In Gujarat, solar energy in the commercial sector as well as in domestic. Mainly, Gujarat’s Mehsana has emerged as one of the major city to use solar energy. Apart from residential complexes, the Solar Panels have been installed on government buildings also.

With growing use of Solar Rooftop Panels in Gujarat’s Mehsana, electric bills of households have been reduced significantly. The government also provides a subsidy of 30% in the installation of solar energy devices.

Hitendra Patel, a resident of Visnagar in Mehsana district of Gujarat has shared his own experience how solar energy changed his life. In last summer, Hitendra Patel used to pay around Rs 3000 for his monthly electricity bill. Seeing to the heavy electricity bills, he got a 2 KW Solar Rooftop Panel installed on his roof last November in just Rs 80,000 and saved his 1/3rd of the money.

The Solar Rooftop Panel not only catered the electricity needs of his family, but also allowed him to sell the surplus to power department. The panels are installed on the roofs and so it doesn't occupy a lot of space and maintenance is almost Nil.

Apart from residential complexes, Solar rooftop panels have also been installed on government buildings. Mehsana's civil hospital, the biggest hospital in the district is also using solar energy. Hospital's electricity bill has been slashed by almost 1/3rd. The 125 KW solar panel installed there produces 500 unit electricity every day, which amounts to Rs. 10 lakh per year.

The power generated by Solar panels goes to the grid of the electricity department, from where consumers use it as per their requirements. Mehsana is an example for all other cities and this has been possible only because of government's constant focus and emphasis on promoting green and alternative energy.