Britain PM Theresa May faces another day of Brexit compromise in parliament
Source :NewsBharati   Date :13-Jun-2018

London, June 13: Knots for British Prime Minister Theresa May is increasing day by day as she is likely to bow to pressure from pro-Europe rebels in her party for a second day today when lawmakers debate the government's plans for future customs relations with the European Union (EU).


The government was forced into a major compromise on Tuesday when it had to agree to give parliament a greater role in Brexit negotiations to avert a defeat at the hands of rebels from her own party who want to keep close EU ties after Britain leaves the bloc in March next year.

Two days of debate on the laws that will end Britain's EU membership have crystallized long-running divisions within May's party about the best strategy for leaving the EU, bringing to head issues that will determine the relationship between the world's fifth-largest economy and its biggest trading bloc.

Lawmakers will vote today on whether to dismiss a plan proposed by the upper chamber of parliament which would require ministers to report what efforts they had made to secure a customs union with the EU by the end of October.