#NoConfidenceMotion against BJP-led NDA govt defeated; PM Modi emerges invictus
Source :NewsBharati   Date :20-Jul-2018

New Delhi, July 20: Today is a historic day as “Democracy’ is prevailed in the country as BJP-led NDA government, which was voted to power democratically by people has defeated the no-confidence motion moved by opposition parties including TDP and Congress.


BJP-led NDA government defeated no-confidence motion by 325 votes while Opposition parties including Congress and TDP humiliated due to the massive loss as they got only 126 votes

TDP, Congress, Samajwadi Party, Marxist Party etc voted for no-confidence motion while BJP, LJP, RSLP, JDU etc voted against no-confidence motion. 

As BJP-led NDA government was facing a no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha, opposition parties including Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Congress, Samajwadi Party, NCP and others accused PM Modi and his ministers on various issues. Opposition parties launched a scathing attack on PM Modi led government for rising inflation, poor condition of farmers, terrorism, naxalism, mob-lynching etc. While the Shiv Sena stayed away from Friday's proceedings, BJD walked out of the House.

Here is the reply of PM Modi gives in Lok Sabha:

  • PM Modi praises the power of democracy. It's a chance to reassess the performance of the govt: he said.
  • I urge all parties to reject the #NoConfidenceMotion that has been moved in the House
  • “The question is why the motion was moved, when there is no mandate, no numbers,” to bring down the government he asks with a quip about a “bhookambh”, a reference to the popular hashtag on Rahul Gandhi’s speech.
  • “The only agenda is ‘Modi hatao’ but “I cannot be removed except by the 125 crore people of India. Why this hurry to remove me. In democracy, we should remain patient.”
  • “The only agenda is ‘Modi hatao’ but “I cannot be removed except by the 125 crore people of India. Why this hurry to remove me. In democracy, we should remain patient.”
  • “It's not the floor test of the govt. But a floor test for the Congress and a trial on the ‘what if I become Prime Minister dream’,” the PM said.
  • After slamming Rahul Gandhi on Doklam, PM Modi moves on to Rafale. “I cannot imagine such game can be played with the nation's security. The nation won't forgive you. This is the time for you change.”
  • “Sabka saath, sabka vikas government, when we worked on electrification in 18,000 villages. Among this 15,000 villages. Our tribals, Dalits and backward people reside,” he said.
  • 8 crore toilets have been build for our poor mothers and sisters, PM Modi said adding about the free LPG scheme. Quotes an “international report” to claim 5 crore people came out of poverty and reels out other statistics. “These people don't have confidence in that,” he added.
  • Prime Minister goes on listing insurance scheme, health care, LED bulbs and the resultant savings in power, more companies that make mobile phones.
  • He then moves on to youth quoting 13 crore youth have been given loans, 10,000 start-ups are taking India forward.
  • The Prime Minister said India is 6th in managing financial management. “We used technology to bring Rs. 90,000 crore which would have gone to some other hands. We have shut down 2.5 lakh shell companies.”
  • He further added that benami transactions have been checked to a large extent.
  • PM Modi said, “No trust is part of Congress culture. They have no trust in Yoga day, CJI, RBI and other institutions... why? They don't trust themselves.”
  • “People who were sitting on a their own special rules were worried when the transformation made its way towards people’s power,” he said.
  • “These days talk of lord Shiva is being made. I pray to him that you people should bring another no-confidence motion after the next elections too,” PM added.
  • One of the leaders spoke about Doklam. The same leader, who believed the Chinese Ambassador over our forces. Where have we reached? Everything does not merit a childish conduct: PM Modi
  • After slamming Rahul Gandhi on Doklam, PM Modi moves on to Rafale. “I cannot imagine such game can be played with the nation's security. The nation won't forgive you. This is the time for you change.”
  • PM Modi said, "In the morning, the voting was not over, the debate was also not over one member comes running to me saying- Utho Utho Utho..What is his hurry to come to power? Let me tell this member it is the people who elected us. That is how we have come here."
  • “You called the surgical strike a Jumla Strike. You can abuse me as much as you want but stop insulting the Jawans of India. I will not tolerate this insult to our forces”: PM Modi
  • “Can anyone use such language against our soldiers,” he asked. “I cannot imagine the hurt such irresponsible speech would have caused. Country won't forgive you for calling surgical strikes a jhumla.”
  • He mocked the Congress statement about the numbers. “I remember the 1999 statement made in front of the Rashtrapati Bhavan about having 272 MPs’ support. And it turned out to be otherwise.”
  • “This is the culture of the Congress,” he says. From Charan Singh and Chandra Shekar and Deve Gowda to I.K. Gujral who would forget Congress’ withdrawal of support, he said. “And twice Congress tried to buy votes with notes. Who can forget that?”
  • “I am the son a poor mother. You are ‘naamdaar’. I don't have the courage to see eye to eye,” PM Modi quips referring to Rahul Gandhi’s speech.
  • “And after the eye-to-eye came the wink, everyone is watching in TV, ” he added.
  • On keeping fuel price out of GST, PM Modi said the decision was taken in UPA regime.
  • “I am bhaghidar of the poor, of the youth of the country in their dreams. And I am proud about that,” he said.
  • Congress’ mantra, PM Modi said, is if not us, there should be instability in the country.
  • Now, those who mocked at Ambedkar’s politics, are they taking credit for his work,” the Prime Minister asked.
  • Continuing to lambaste, PM Modi said, “Madame Speaker, the Congress is cut off from the ground reality.”
  • PM Modi’s yet to speak on any other party, not even the TDP which brought in the motion. However, moments ago he promised, “I am not going to leave anyone. I will give respect to everyone.”
  • Atal Ji created 3 states- Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It was done peacefully. These states are now prospering. Congress divided Andhra Pradesh and their conduct then was shameful: PM Modi
  • When TDP was leaving NDA, I called up Chandrababu Naidu, warned him that you are falling into YSR Congress's trap
  • The prime minister also reiterated that his government will do everything possible for the development of Andhra Pradesh. "I want to tell the people of Andhra Pradesh that we will keep working for them," he added.
  • PM Modi now moves on to talk about bank loans and NPAs. Numbers are being reeled out amid slogans of “We Want Justice”. Though not shown by Lok Sabha TV we can understand the protest is by members from A.P.
  • “I want to tell you about the NPA problem. Much before Internet Banking, Congress Party invented Phone Banking and this caused the NPA mess. A phone call would get loans for their cronies and the nation suffered.”
  • Prime Minister referred to notes to talk about the “damage” the UPA govt did to capital goods sector. Possibly the protests are at the Well of the House. Though it was not shown, we can see hands going up in the frame showing the PM.
  • PM Modi, who is known for his extempore speeches, continues to refer notes while talking about economics numbers.
  • If the UPA govt was allowed to continue in 2014, the country would have gone from bad to worse, the Prime Minister implies.
  • “Any instance of violence brings shame to the nation. I will once again urge the state governments to punish those who indulge in violence,” says the PM. “This Government stands with the Muslim women in their quest for justice.”
  • “India is seeing the record pace at which roads are being built, villages are being connected, i-ways are being built, railways development is happening,” he said.
  • The Prime Minister now turns to statistics on the job opportunities to be created by medical and legal professions.
  • It looks like a ritual now: PM gives out numbers, Treasury benches respond with a feeble, tired desk thumping.
  • Sector after sector is creating lakhs and lakhs of jobs, the PM said. “I am creating independent reports, not sarkari numbers,” he concluded.



The central government has a full majority in Lok Sabha with over 300 members including 273 of the BJP and therefore it was fully confident of defeating no-motion confidence. The total strength of the Lok Sabha, excluding the Speaker, is 544 and its current strength is 533 as a result of 11 vacancies. The government needed 267 to clear the test.

The debate on the no-confidence motion was initiated by TDP. On Wednesday, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had accepted the Motion for discussion and voting on it in Parliament. Today’s no-confidence motion, the 27th in Parliamentary history, is the first to be admitted in 15 years. The last was in 2003 when the Congress party moved a no-confidence motion against prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

What is a no-confidence motion?

A government can function only when it has majority support in the Lok Sabha. The party can remain in power when it shows its strength through a floor test which is primarily taken to know whether the executive enjoys the confidence of the legislature. If any member of the House feels that the government in power does not have a majority then he/she can move a no-confidence motion. If the motion is accepted, then the party in power has to prove its majority in the House. The member need not give a reason for moving the no-confidence motion.

How it works?

A no-confidence motion can be moved by any member of the House. It can be moved only in the Lok Sabha and not Rajya Sabha. Rule 198 of the Rules of Procedure and conduct of Lok Sabha specifies the procedure for moving a no-confidence motion. The member has to give a written notice of the motion before 10 am which will be read out by the Speaker in the House. A minimum of 50 members have to accept the motion and accordingly, the Speaker will announce the date for discussion for the motion. The allotted date has to be within 10 days from the day the motion is accepted. Otherwise, the motion fails and the member who moved the motion will be informed about it.

If the government is not able to prove its majority in the House, then the government of the day has to resign.