Meet our new male version of Priya Varrier in Lok Sabha: Childish wink, hugs of Rahul Gandhi washes off his animated ineffective speech
Source :NewsBharati   Date :20-Jul-2018

New Delhi, July 20: Congress president Rahul Gandhi was not successful to bring an earthquake in Lok Sabha but was successful to bring in social media again because of his childish smiles, hug and wink which totally washed off all the points tabled by him. His ‘Wink’ has flooded Twitter with memes which compares him with famous viral wink video of actress Priya Varrier.


The Parliament witnessed unprecedented drama during the no-trust vote debate, thanks to Gandhi’s gestures of a ‘jhappi’ and a ‘wink’, Twitteratis could not help but compare the two epic winks of our times.

During his speech in Lok Sabha which pointed the no-trust vote, Gandhi left his seat and went to hug PM Modi by saying, "I have not an iota of hatred or hard feelings against you. You hate me, I may be 'Pappu' for you. But I love you and respect you because I am the Congress.”

While his speech, Gandhi recalled his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, and he said there was no secrecy pact between the two governments like Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said. “I asked President Macron and he said there was no such deal between the two governments. The Defence Minister lied to the nation upon the Prime Minister’s instructions.”

He said, “The truth is that the government’s labor bureau statistics show that in 2016-17, only four lakh people got employment. In other words, where China gives 50,000 people employment every 24 hours, Modiji has been able to give only 400 Indians the same in the same 24-hour cycle.”

During his speech, Rahul also questioned over China policy, “Why did PM Modi not take up the Doklam issue during his no-agenda summit with the Chinese President?”