Crafting a boat of progress, information and awareness to reach people, PM Modi slates his mantra for BJP workers in Varanasi
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Aug-2018

New Delhi, August 29: Announcing the 2019 election bugle, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a very meaningful message not just for the BJP workers but this one is definitely one for the people of the country. Appealing the workers in a candid conversation in his home constituency of Varanasi to reach out to the people create an awareness about fake information, cleanliness and need to progress.


PM Modi said that he wants Varanasi to lead the country from the front and set an example in every field. He urged his BJP workers to visit homes and inform the people about the developments made by the government.

Speaking to party cadres and supporters in Varanasi via NaMo App, the PM said that the Swachh Bharat mission is not only about cleaning the surroundings but also cleaning one’s mind. PM Modi asked how the party workers could use social media to further the government’s vision and schemes. PM Modi also asked them to help check the spread of fake information on social media platforms. He noted that people forward messages without checking the facts and realizing how this could harm the society. He asked workers to use the social media platform as a tool to spread information about the schemes of the government.

He also asked the workers to reach out to the people and help them register with the Election Commission. The PM said that everyone should be given the right to vote in the elections.

Having a conversation with the BJP's office-bearers and party workers of his constituency, Varanasi, PM Modi said that the Centre is committed to bringing those left behind in the development race into the mainstream. Emphasizing the role of party workers in expanding the reach of his government's welfare schemes, Modi said it is their responsibility to ensure that all central flagship programmes reach their targeted beneficiaries. PM Modi also urged party workers in Varanasi to make the campaign 'Swachhta Hi Seva' a grand success.

The interaction between the PM Modi and party workers comes a day after the Prime Minister and BJP president Amit Shah met BJP CMs in Delhi to discuss the strategy for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. A presentation was given to all the CMs and Deputy CMs about the schemes of the central government. The CMs were asked to reach out to the beneficiaries of the government schemes and also spread awareness among the society about the benefits of the government-run schemes.