Don't be the rule; be the exception… As rule chains mind, exception frees mind
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Aug-2018

Mumbai, August 7: Don't be the rule; be the exception… As rule chains mind, exception frees the mind said the famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor when he describes his kitchen journey. Kapoor says that when I decided to pursue Hotel Management, people said "He's so good at his studies. Why does he want to become a chef?"In India, men in the kitchen were quite taboo. This is not the case anymore.


With a charming smile and ‘beyond compare’ cooking skills, the soft-spoken chef Sanjeev Kapoor has been ruling the hearts of Indian households for decades. The first name that comes to mind when one needs a reference to try out a new dish is Sanjeev Kapoor and with his longest-running show Khana Khazana, he not only grabbed the attention of women, but also men who love to cook.

Kapoor said, “Both my parents have been foodies, and always used to rustle-up delicious meals while I was growing up. The earliest memories of me cooking at home were the times when I used to help my mother make chapatis. Also, I used to observe my father cook. He proved to me that men can cook too.”

“I’m lucky to be born in a family of foodies, and cooking has been an integral part of my life during my growing up years. No matter where I go and whatever food I try, some of my favourites were, are and will be the simplest dishes made at home by my mother. So, quite obviously, my style has also evolved from there,” he shares.