Thank You Navies! India's courageous boy Abhilash Tomy rescued; know how!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-Sep-2018

Mumbai, September 24: After battling with the situations from three days, finally I am rescued… I didn’t lose my courage, though my yacht hit by a vicious storm in the ongoing Golden Globe circumnavigation race and was dismasted. The India, French and Australian Navies joined their hands to save me as I was sustained by serious back injury… Now I am safe, conscious and in a talking position, thanks to my saviors… this might be the emotions of Indian Navy Office Abhilash Tomy when he entered French vessel Osiris.

Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was continuously monitoring the whole situation giving updates about the rescue operations carried and finally her tweet calmed down the whole nation, "A sense of relief to know that naval officer @abhilashtomy is rescued by the French fishing vessel. He's conscious and doing okay. The vessel will shift him to a nearby island (I'lle Amsterdam) by evening. INS Satpura will take him to Mauritius for medical attention."

Since the day when the news came about Tomy's situation the Defense Ministry was recklessly working to save its true jewel and along with this other nations' navies too joined the Indian Navy for the rescue operation. Minister Sitharaman gave the whole nation a bit relieving news, "Spoke to VCNS VAdm Ajit Kumar P, AVSM, VSM regarding the condition of injured navy officer @abhilashtomy. The Rescue Mission is being coordinated with the Australian Navy. The injured officer shall be picked up in the next 16 hrs by a French vessel Osiris."
The Golden Global Race 2018 official page was constantly giving updates in which it was said that Tomy has cans of ice tea and was continuously vomiting with a burning sensation in the chest.

Abhilash Tomy, an Indian Navy Officer with valor, heroism who left the land to circumnavigate the whole globe via seaway on July this year was on the third position on his Golden Globe Race 2018 when his yacht ‘Thuriya’ dismasted due to heavy storm hit on Friday. Because of this he has reported severe back injuries, is unable to move from his bunk, but heard the plane fly overhead and acknowledged this by turning his emergency beacon off and on. The plane was none other than our Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft P8i.
The French fisheries patrol vessel Osiris reached Tomy’s yacht at 05:30 UTC and her crew successfully transferred him to the ship. The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Canberra which co-ordinated the rescue reported: “Tomy is conscious, talking and onboard the Orisis. Australian and Indian long-range P8 Orion reconnaissance aircraft are circling overhead.” With this news, not only our nation but the whole world took a breath of relief.
Now the Osiris is proceeding to Amsterdam Island where the rescued sailor will be given a full medical examination. From there INS Satpura will take him to Mauritius for medical attention which is expected to reach by September 28.
One feels proud when hears the story of Abhilash Tomy as he is one of India’s most prominent sailors. A pilot in the Indian Navy, he has had the advantage, just as French sailing legend Eric Tabarly did, of spending much of his career sailing for his Country.
Abhilash Tomy happens to be the first Indian and second Asian who has covered 52,000 miles under sail while in the Navy including a solo non-stop circumnavigation from Mumbai and back in 2012/13. He has also represented India in the 2011 Cape Town to Rio Race, the Spanish Copa del Rey Race in 2014 and the Korea Cup for two years in succession. He has been awarded the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award, the Kirti Chakra for valor and courageous action and Mac Gregor medal.
Now talking about this Golden Globe Race 2018 is being conducted by Sir Robin Knox Johnston of UK to commemorate 50 years since the world’s first solo non-stop circumnavigation undertaken by him in 1968 onboard the Indian built boat, Suhaili. The race is expected to complete at Les Sables d’Olonne in April 2019.
"The uniqueness of the race is that boat designs and technology newer than 1968 are not permitted. Hence, the use of Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite communication, navigational aids, etc is forbidden," said the Navy.
It is highly appreciable that without any modern technology, a person navigating the deep sea with the only courage in mind saying, “This event recreates in the closest way possible way, the magic of the original race. The emphasis is not on technology and its management but on seamanship and a direct experience of the sea. This spartan philosophy is in keeping with my own view that a lot can be achieved with very little.”
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