Giving feasibility in shopping, Kochi gets India’s first AI supermarket!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Sep-2018

Kochi, September 8: As Kerala works strongly to build its destructed parts, the country never stops to amaze us. In a new development, the city of Kochi has advanced technologically giving space to new Artificial Intelligence supermarket! Yes, you heard that right. An Artificial Intelligence Supermarket where all you need to do is pick up what you need and leave.

We all have ordered food and groceries online, and we also know how long these delivering apps take to deliver our product. But this is not the case with this new Kochi-based startup which is set to launch an automated store called Watasale, which has no checkout lines whatsoever.

Making use of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion, the store operates similarly to Amazon Go, where a customer can enter the store and choose any item required and leave just like that.

Wondering how will you pay here? Well, first you would have to install the Watasale app that will scan the QR code when you enter. After that, when you choose an item and place it in your basket, it will virtually be added to your cart in the app. And if you wish to return the product, the store will sense that too and automatically remove the item from your cart!

Once you are done, as you leave, the amount will be debited online via the app, all possible with the installed sensors and the artificial intelligence powering the store. It’s not just that, the store has many additional advantages. For example, it lets the user know what items are and are not available in the store and lets you plan accordingly.

Watasale is all set to spread to other cities including New Delhi and Bengaluru and hopes to eventually open stores throughout India.