Reading about trade union protests? Get a magnifier to read between the lines!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Jan-2019

New Delhi, January 10: “The trade unions, with the support of the left parties are politicising the trade union movement”, said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley accusing the left affiliated trade unions of manufacturing sector’s protests on non-existing issues. He listed the steps taken by the NDA regime for the welfare of workers and said that no government in the past has taken so many continuous pro worker decisions to ensure a better quality of life and economic developments via a facebook post ‘The Present Government and the Workers’, published yesterday.
Jaitely also underscored ten major steps taken by the government in that direction. “Are there any real issues before them or is it a part of the strategy of the Left political organizations to ensure that they are not a symbolic unrest wiped out from the political map of india The strength of the Left parties has been significantly eroded in West Bengal and Tripura.”, he alleged mentioning the move to be a political one.
“The NDA Government has been in power for a little less than five years. A group of ministers had been constituted to maintain a dialogue with the trade unions. Some trade unions have been more forthcoming in the dialogue and they have succeeded in persuading the government from time to time.”, he added further.
Besides bonus, maternity leaves, gratuity, Minimum wages, ESIs and Insurance, Jaitley stressed over the Seventh Pay Commission saying, “The current government implemented the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission immediately and additionally related to certain terms relating to the perquisites. The recommendations were also improved in the case of Armed Forces and other para military and security forces. The OROP for retired employees of the Defense Forces, which was pending for four decades, was resolved at the earliest.”
Further focussing over the government pensions, the Finance Minister urged to say that the Government has increased its own share from 10% to 14% thus making the initial contribution for the corpus to be 24% of the salary per month. Additionally, the 60% cumulative amount that a retired employee can withdraw is completely exempted from income-tax payment.
“Provident Fund Offices are being opened and the employee has now been given the facility of digital life certificate being submitted from any common service center. Aadhaar can be used to update the details. The Wage Code and the Social Security Code are now being consolidated and made more. Under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, the worker today ranks very high in the waterfall of the current regime.”, he added in relation.
“No government in the past has taken, within a short period, so many continuous pro-worker decisions in order to ensure that a better quality of life is ensured to them as a result of the country of economic development. Even though the processual simplification has been done in several legislations in order to cut down the paper work, the government has decided to take any decision which hurts the interest of the employees.”, he concluded.