Prabhu to bless the commoner with affordable air travel..!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Jan-2019
New Delhi, January 11: "The idea of air connectivity through UDAN is going to be a reality backed by the PM’s vision to let everyone fly. We further also want to establish new 100 airports constituting 65 bn dollars of investment. These projects are inline and set to be a reality soon.”, assured the Aviation minister Suresh Prabhu in an interview clearing the objectives of the upcoming ceremony Global Aviation Summit 2019.
The platform provided by Global Aviation Summit, the first ever comprehensive aviation event, would enable eminent dignitaries from different corners of the world to speak about various aviation policies and plans. With a shared ambition of enabling flying for all, the dignitaries would be able to discuss more effectively on how to connect the world through air transport.
The summit will be first of it’s kind and 86 countries will be participating from all the sectors of the aviation business model. Further explaining the motive Prabhu said, “Airlines or aviation cannot be operated in isolation. Many ancillary organisational supports are needed for a plane to fly. It is an activity of integration. I was surprised when I became an aviation minister about the fact that there had been no events in the past where these all stakeholders have come together. They meet , but saperately which is absolutely fine. But unless all come together and think of the challenges and the measures overhauling, there can be concord.”
“Affordability, accessecibility are the problems dealt in the aviation sector. Unless we together know the challenges, these issues will hardly be addressed. With the rising technology, new elements to these will be elaborated. We have also moved towards the technology of seaplanes and have received a great response. If this happens, this will open a new vista.”, he added further.
Further elucidating the UDAN concepts he said, “UDAN has two perspectives, one being the seaplanes and international UDAN. International UDAN will be the fisrt attempt in India and the first state to partner this will be Assam. Many other states will be encouraged in relation to this like Kolkata to Myanmar, Chennai to Singapore. All these are possible as the distances aligned are less.”
Earlier the minister, in the curain raiser of the summit had said that air travel has seen massive growth around the world with hundreds of millions of people joining the global middle class. “India, in particular, has seen an extraordinary growth in its aviation sector. As flying is becoming more affordable in India and smaller towns are being included on the aviation map, it is a suitable time to take forward the vision of PM Modi of making the common citizen fly through the flagship Regional Connectivity Scheme - UDAN.”, he added during.
“I am hopeful that this event will be immensely fruitful for policy making in India as well as in other emerging countries within the aviation sector. I wish the event all the success.”, he concluded the talk.