And the drama continues; emotional CM Kumaraswamy cites “working like a clerk” under Congress
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Jan-2019

Bengaluru, January 11: Ever since Karnataka got its new Chief Minister after the high voltage drama, CM HD Kumaraswamy is not happy with working with its party JDS coalition with Congress. The glimpse of the same was seen when CM HD Kumaraswamy got emotional in a meeting with his party members citing that “he was functioning like a clerk and not like a chief minister because of Congress’ interference in everything.”

According to some JDS MLAs, Kumaraswamy explained the difficulties JDS is facing after they joined hands with the Congress to keep the BJP away from power in last May. He said that Congress leaders were forcing him to do everything which favours them and he is left with no other option, but to listen to them. A visibly upset Kumaraswamy told them that he was working under tremendous pressure and the Congress leaders always expect him to behave like their subordinate.

With the differences between the JDS and the Congress widening each day, chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, who is heading the coalition government, has given enough hints that the Karnataka government may not last beyond the coming Lok Sabha election. Playing cheap political tricks, Congress joined hands with JDS reclining its position in the state by keeping JDS in the forefront.

This is not the first time that CM HD Kumaraswamy expressed his displeasure on working with Congress. Months after the party came in power, in the month of July, the Chief Minister Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy told his party workers during a celebratory ceremony in Bengaluru’s Seshadripuram on Saturday, 14 July, that he was “not happy being the chief minister”.

He said, "I have swallowed poison like Lord Vishakantha. You all are happy that I became the CM. But I'm not.”

With the Lok Sabha elections few months away, the JDS party is not taking any chance to tumble its position and hopes to win majority seats. The state BJP which was trying hard to overthrow the JDS-Congress government is now focusing on the Lok Sabha elections. And the party leaders claim that they will form the government, if the coalition collapses on its own before or after the Parliament elections.