Ten lakh best ideas from school children will broaden the base of innovation pyramid
Source :NewsBharati   Date :02-Jan-2019

Jalandhar, Jan 2: 106th Indian Science Congress will be inaugurate by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in Jalandhar.


While addressing a gathering in 104th science congress PM Modi said that Speeding the ideas and innovation in school children will broaden the base of our innovation pyramid and secure the future of our nation. As a step in this direction ministry of science and technology is initiating a programming focus on students of class six to ten. The program will scout mentor, reward and showcase ten lakh top innovative ideas focus on local needs from five lakh schools.

He stressed on girl’s development, said we must provide equal opportunities to the girl child to enrol and excel the underrepresented disciplines of science and engineering and ensure the continued participation of trained women scientist in nation-building. This thing with delegates for a large and diverse country like India, technology nukes, to span on a wide range for the advance base, agricultural, nuclear technology to rural development needs. In providing clean water, sanitation, renewable energy, community health etc.


According to Modi, we should not forget about our bases, He said, while we excel globally, we need to develop a local solution to our unique context. There is a need to develop appropriate micro industry models for the rural areas that use local resources and skills to meet the local needs.

While elaborating example Prime Minister said we should develop a hosted technology based on efficient cogeneration for a cluster for villages and semi-urban areas. With technology should aim to convert agri and power base to satisfy multiple needs of electricity, clean water, crop processing, cold storages.

Prime Minister urged scientist to work in such a way that, science and technology can solve the basic problems related to rural and semi-urban areas.