Jaitley challenges Rahul Gandhi to prove authenticity of audio record produced against Rafale deal
Source :NewsBharati   Date :02-Jan-2019
New Delhi, January 2: “The audio clip released by the congress party is a desperate attempt to fabricate facts after their lies were exposed by the recent Supreme Court verdict on Rafale. No such discussion ever came up during Cabinet or any other meeting.”, tweeted the BJP leader Manohar Parrikar today when the Congress today in Loksabha claimed that they had an audio recording of Goa minister quoting that files related to the Rafale jet deal were in his (Parrikar’s) bedroom. The opposition party later pondered Prime Minister Modi whether that was why his government was not allowing a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) inquiry.
Rahul Gandhi over the discussion of the Rafale deal in the parliament today continued to say that the BJP party snatched the contract from the HAL and granted it to Relaince. “Make in India initiative was overruled in this contact by the ruling party as the aircrafts came directly from France.”
“BJP claims that Supreme Court has taken the decision over this issue but the fact the Court claimed is that setting an inquiry over is not is our jurisdiction. The court did not say that there cannot be JPC or a parliamentary inquiry. We strongly demand JPC in this matter. I request the BJP members to fearlessly set a JPC and clear the matter.”, he added further. According to the Congress president, Prime Minister would not have interfered in the Rafael deal negotiations.
Manohar Parrikar was Union Defence Minister when the deal for 36 Rafale jets was signed between India and France. Meanwhile the Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the audio tape published by the congress party is fake. “The country is disappointed as every word uttered by the opposition is against the SC’s judgement. When the apex court speaks on an issue, normally it is treated as a last word, except for the jurisdiction. The Supreme Court has categorically cleared the matter. Each of these contentions were raised before the court and it has specifically thrown them out.”, he said.
“Some people have natural dislike for truth. Every word spoken on this matter in the last six months, even in this house is utterly a false. Previously he manufactured a conversation between himself and the French President macron, to which the French President officially denied it. Today Gandhi tried to manufacture a unauthenticated tape that probably his party produced. The family has a legacy as it has been named in three major fraud cases of Bofors, National Herald and Augusta Westland. When it’s three times, it is a conspiracy. The UPA Government never could make a decision in it’s reign for the betterment of nation.”, he added further.