China’s lunar rover will reveal the other side of the moon
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Jan-2019

Beijing, Jan 4:
China’s lunar rover of Chang'e 4 probe given the name 'Yutu 2'. Chang’e 4 will test soil composition, try to grow plants, and listen for traces of Big Bang.  

The moon’s far side is sometimes known as the dark side, although it is not darker than the near side in any literal sense. It undergoes the same phases of illumination by the Sun as the side facing Earth. But because the moon spins on its axis at exactly the same rate as it orbits Earth, one side remains permanently out of view.

This mission has a capacity to test the composition of the soil. This will help to understand the theories about how the moon formed? And the origin of the solar system.

It will also give information about astronomy observation from far moon sight.

A uniquely attractive site which will give radio signals from monitoring radio waves coming from deep space.

For establishing more permanent human lunar out post, understanding about how water is produced and distributed on lunar soil is one of the main aims to study for the scientist.

The craft is also carrying a mini-greenhouse, which will test how well plants, specifically potatoes and small flowering Arabidopsis plants, related to cabbage, grow on the moon.