US Shutdown: On the third Week, Trump showed flexibility on US-Mexico border
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Jan-2019

Washington, Jan 7: US President started to show some inclination about the issue of US-Mexico border wall. He stated about the steel barriers rather than of his previous demand of concrete wall to avert illegal immigrates from entering America.

He stated that, there is a need of some kind of physical barrier to stop illegal immigration which is becoming cause of big drain on the American economy.

Initially, Donald Trump seeking the 5.6 billion US dollar fund for construction of concrete wall on southern border, which was opposed by Democrats. This clash resulted into three week long governmental partial shutdown.

“The barrier or the wall can be steel instead of concrete if that works better”, US President Trump said before leaving to meet senior advisors on border wall and other aspects of his administration in Camp David.


Further he added that he intends to call the head of US Steel and a couple of other companies to have them come up with plates or designs for the barrier along the US-Mexico border.

“I am going to Camp David. We’ll be discussing many topics: North Korea, The China Trade deal…. we’ll obviously be discussing the wall.” He said.

He also mentioned that, "This is a very important battle to win from the standpoint of safety, number one, defining our country and who we are. Also, from the standpoint of dollars. This wall will pay for itself many times through the course of the year."

According to Trump, such a physical barrier is about stopping human traffickers, and stopping drugs.

A day earlier, Vice President Mike Pence chaired a meeting of senior administration officials with Congressional staffers on the stalemate around the border wall which has resulted in a partial government shutdown.