Citizenship bill is not only for Assamese, but for every state in the country, clears Home Minister
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Jan-2019

New Delhi, January 8: “The bill is not just for Assam but other states too. The law will imply to all states as migrants cannot get citizenship.”, said Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the lower house today tabling the Citizenship amendment Bill. He said that the bill is important to safeguard people’s interests in Assam, as the state is dealing with illegal migration for a long time now and that Assam’s burden is India’s burden.
Continuing his speech, the Home Minister said that nationwide surveys were conducted by NGOs and other groups to help in framing the amendment bill. "The countries where minorities were subjected to violence have only been able to find safe shelter in India. We regulated their entry, stay in India, but despite these changes, they cannot apply for citizenship as they are considered migrants,", he added during in the Lok Sabha.
“Migrants can also apply for getting longer citizenship of India. This bill is not just for Assam but it will be applicable to every state of the country. Also this law is not only applicable to one country but it will also apply to migrants residing in different parts of the world”.
“Many agreements have already been made for the Assamese who are being hit by illegal migrants. The NRC was to be updated and our government has implemented it rapidly. Its draft has been prepared and our government is committed to fulfill this work. NRC will consist of all the Indians and others would be given a chance to appeal at any point of time.”, he added explaining the amendments constituted in the bill.
The amendment bill presented by Singh aims to provide citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan constituting Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians, after six years of residence in India, instead of 12, even if they do not possess proper documents. The Bill also allows cancellation of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) registration for violation of any law. This is a wide ground that may cover a range of violations, including minor offences.
The Bill has faced massive opposition in north-eastern states, particularly Assam, after PM Narendra Modi declared the intention to get the bill passed in Parliament. Rajnath Singh meanwhile also referred to the Cabinet decisions taken in the last week citing the decisions taken regarding the Bodo Community in Assam. Cabinet on 3rd of January had also approved the establishment of a Bodo museum cum language and cultural study centre, modernization of All India Radio Station and Doordarshan Kendra in Kokrajha.
"Muslims are not included among the six religions mentioned in the bill. Make it secular. Anyone who comes out of religious persecution should be included if they seek asylum in India”, said TMC leader Saugata Roy opposing the bill. TMC MP also opposed the bill saying, "On the visit to Sichar, the Prime Minister talked about giving citizenship to the Hindus and avoided attending the Parliament today. The Prime Minister is working on taking citizenship of people in the name of NRC. This is the devilish politics of BJP and it is trying to take political advantage. Rai demaned the bill to be withdrawn or sent to the Select Committee.