Remembering Sister Nivedita: West Bengal CM unveils Blue Plaque at the legend's London family home

Sister Nivedita, one of the most loyal disciples of Swami Vivekananda had a significant contribution to social changes, freedom movement during British Raj in India. From contribution in the educational sector to women empowerment, she left her footprint everywhere. Hence it is indeed a proud moment for India; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday unveiled a Blue Plaque to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary at her family home...

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Disgusted with mundane life? Know the Japanese philosophy “ikigai” to wake up each morning happily

Westerners have molded this East Asian concept according to their own view. The western approach says you have to start with four questions: what do you love?; What are you good at?;What does the world need from you?;What can you get paid for?. A balanced answer of four questions will help you to achieve ikiga. But in case of Japanese people, their Ikigai often does not involve work or income. The origin island of Ikigai is Okinawa. This Japanese island has the largest population of centenarians ..

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