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Amidst embargo on Qatar, New Delhi operates additional flights to Doha for Indians there

Good news for all the Indians living in Qatar as New Delhi is operating extra flights so that people could come to their home easily and celebrate EID with beloved once. Notably, the Indian government on Wednesday asked two domestic airlines i.e Air India and Jet Airways to run extra flights to Doha ahead of the Eid holiday to help all the Indian citizens stranded there following an embargo imposed on Qatar Airways...

Facing uncertain fate, Nigerian refugees returning to “dangerously unprepared” situation

Maiduguri, June 22: The refugee problem is haunting Middle East and West Africa for a long time. The African nation, Nigeria is already facing starvation, terror threat from Sub-Saharan terrorist group Boko Haram. In addition to these problems, numbers of Nigerian refugees hosted in Cameroon are returning to northeast Nigeria when Nigeria is not ready for such a situation. In last month, thousands of refugees entered north-eastern Nigeria returning from Cameroon. United Nations refugee chief says the ..

India will overtake China in population in 7 years: UN report

India's population will surpass China's by 2024 and will also continue to be the most populated nation till 2050, as per a report by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Population Division. It also claims that global population will increase to 8.6bn by 2030, 9.8bn in 2050. By 2050, the most populated nations will be India, Nigeria, Congo, Pak, Ethiopia, Tanzania, US, Uganda & Indonesia...

Protection shield ready Indian ladies! Facebook ready to guard your profile picture

Cyber Crime is a daunting problem for internet users. Especially women often become the victims of such crimes. Fake Facebook profiles with a different picture, false Insta account using another picture these are very common. That’s why many Indian women hesitate to put own picture as face book profile picture. To prevent this, Facebook has announced it is piloting new tools that will give them more control over who can download and share their profile pictures that include their faces. ..

Darjeeling police books Bimal Gurung and his wife Instigating greater conflict

The fire in Darjeeling seems to be burning for a long time. Instigating a greater conflict, the Darjeeling police have booked Bimal Gurung and his wife Asha for the death of three Gorkha Janamukti Morcha activists. The FIR is regarding the death of 3 Morcha supporters in Singmari. Along with murder, Police has also filed a case of conspiracy against Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leader and his wife. Morcha has been claiming since the accident that the bullet firing of police is responsible for their death...

London Mayor considers cutting car journeys to reduce pollution

The recent turn of events in London has been disastrous and painful for the people living in United Kingdom. Non-stop terror attacks have disturbed the country’s peace and governance. However, Mayor Sadiq Khan has thought to take up other issues in consideration like increasing pollution. To decrease the level of pollution in the Britain, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a plan that aims to see 80% of journeys in the British capital b y public transport, walking or cycling...

Aadhaar number made mandatory for TB patients availing government cash benefits

Tuberculosis is that one disease which is engulfing the whole of India. Recently, tuberculosis is spreading like an epidemic which is larger than what was estimated. India is one of the 6 nations that has reported 60% of TB patients in the year of 2015, according to WHO. According to reports, the prevalence of TB in India was at 217 per 1, 00,000 population in 2015 as against the previously estimated 127. In a bid to help the TB patients, the Health Ministry has issued a notification asking those suffering..

Egypt sends fuel for power starved Gaza indicating improved relation of conflicting countries

Since 2005, it has been more than a decade; Gaza is going through an endless chain of crisis. Thousands of innocent civilians have lost their lives during the internal conflict and conflict with Israel. The children are growing among bombs and bullets. Now in addition to previous all crises, they are suffering from an energy crisis. More than 2 Million residents are spending their days with less than 3 hours of electricity per day. To bring some relief to this tension, Egypt sent one million liters of ..