Upul Tharanga in trouble …

Manual    31-May-2011


NEW DELHI:  International Cricket Council (ICC) said that cricketer Upul Tharanga has to appear before its committee. Tharanga has been found positive during drug Test earlier. There are indications Upul Tharanga's failure to produce a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) certificate, required for athletes before using substances like prednisolone which are banned under the WADA list, may land him in trouble.
The player faces a ban of up to two years since the International Cricket Council has confirmed that it will follow the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) regulations to the letter while investigating the issue. "As a matter of policy the ICC doesn't comment on on-going investigations. The ICC, though, is completely WADA complaint and we'll follow the procedure laid down by the world body," ICC spokesperson James Fitzgerald.
Tharanga, incidentally, was the only Sri Lankan cricketer to fail a dope test during the World Cup.
Prednisolone is part of WADA's 'specified list' of banned drugs. Athletes can use it after applying for a TUE from WADA, though the ICC has its own TUE commission comprising of six medical experts.  "A TUE is easily obtainable in India if an athlete has the required doctor's prescriptions with him. I am not quite aware of the Sri Lankan procedure but it is the athlete's folly for not seeking the TUE in time," NADA director general Rahul Bhatnagar said, adding: "Prednisolone is a drug on the specified list, which means it doesn't carry any preliminary ban. If the player is found guilty after the hearing he can be banned up to a maximum of two years. A panel will  take into account a player's argument before reaching a final decision."