Good skin bacteria help your skin glow

PTI    27-Aug-2012

$img_titleLondon, August 27: The 'good' bacteria in your skin can help you look young by combating wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation, experts have said.

The beneficial bugs work on the surface to maintain moisture and radiance and fight the bad bacteria that cause redness, sensitivity, spots and other infections, the Daily Mail reported.

The bacteria also penetrates the deeper levels to repair skin DNA and build wrinkle-preventing collagen.

Professor Richard Tester, a research scientist at Glasgow Caledonian University, is conducting studies with the prebiotic GMH (glucomannan hydrolysate), which is derived from a type of yam.

His soon-to-be published studies showed GMH can promote skin healing and treat acne.

"Because this prebiotic can penetrate the skin surface, it also helps regenerate skin from within, rebuilding collagen, reducing wrinkles and bringing back its natural glow," he was quoted as saying by the paper.