Hindu school teacher Sapna Rani goes missing in Pakistan

News Bharati English    31-Dec-2013

Sapna RaniPeshawar, December 31: A new case of kidnapping of a Hindu girl has been recorded in Pakistan. A Hindu school teacher was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified people while on her way back home from school near the Pakistan Radio Colony on 21 December.

Ironically Peshawar police is not making any quick investigation in this case and Sapna Rani is still missing. The family of victim have not received any call or message from anyone in this regard and are worried about her young daughter.

The Human rights of the minority hindu community in Pakistan are endangered as year 2013 saw several cases of kidnapping and forceful conversion of Hindu girls.

Faqir Chand, the father of the missing 25-year-old woman Sapna Rani, said his daughter is a teacher at the Peshawar Science Academy near Ayub Flour Mill on GT Road.

While talking to Media, he said Rani went to school at around 7:45am on Saturday morning and when she did not return till 4:00pm, the family started to worry.

Sapna rani ParentsAn NC of the case was registered earlier, the family of victim asked police to lodge an FIR but police initially refused to do so. Rajiv Thakur, Coordinator Pakistn Hindu Seva, went to police station from Islamabad with a member of HRCP from Peshawar and then police lodged FIR to proceed it but no investigation by police is made yet. The Global Human Rights defence has initiated a follow up into the case.

Sapna Rani, a 25 year young Hindu girl works as school teacher in a private school at Peshawar. On 21 December, 2013 she went with her elder sister to school but did not came back till noon. Her parents started worrying about and reached the school to find her but she was not there.

All the gates of school were open and class room where she taught was also open but no children or Sapna Rani was there. Her sister asked school management who told that they don’t know anything about her. After a primary search, her parents got worried and approached Police who initially turned down their request to file the complaint.

After some days of efforts to locate Sapna rani, Chand’s nephew Suraish Kumar went to the Paharipura Police Station to lodge a missing report after which ASI Sardar Ali Khan registered a case and launched investigations.

Bindya Rani, the kidnapped girl’s grief-stricken mother, said “We don’t have an enmity with anyone,” and pleaded to the government to do everything in its power to find her daughter.

Parents of Sapna Rani are demanding quick investigation in the matter for the safety of their daughter.