Melbourne rated top liveable city in world

IANS    29-Aug-2013

undefinedMelbourne, August 29: The Australian city of Melbourne has been found to be the most liveable city in the world while conflict-stricken Syria's capital Damascus is the least liveable city, according to a new survey.

Karachi and Dhaka are also listed among the least liveable cities.

This is the third consecutive time that the capital of the Australian state of Victoria was selected for the top spot in the survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Melbourne got perfect scores in terms of healthcare, education and infrastructure, according to the Melbourne Age.

Melbourne is followed by Austrian capital Vienna.

Three other Australian cities also find mention in the top 10 of the list. These are Adelaide (sixth), Sydney (seventh) and Perth (ninth)

The following is the list of top 10 livable cities according to the survey: Melbourne (Australia), Vienna (Austria), Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary (all three in Canada), Adelaide, Sydney (both in Australia), Helsinki (Finland), Perth (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand).

The following cities make up the bottom 10 of the list: Damascus (Syria) Tehran (Iran), Douala (Cameroon), Tripoli (Libya), Karachi (Pakistan), Algiers (Algeria), Harare (Zimbabwe), Lagos (Nigeria), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

In all, 140 cities were surveyed.