‘Tech for Seva’ should become a permanent platform : Dr. Bhatkar

News Bharati English    30-Sep-2013


Pune, September 30 : ‘Tech for Seva’ has shown a very innovative way to find answers to many of the problems bothering our country. This innovative way has enthused many people from all cross sections of our society. Hence, this should become a permanent platform, said noted scientist Dr. Vijay Bhatkar at the valedictory function of the two day socio-technical conferenceon inclusive and sustainable social development.

Dr. Bhatkar in his address, took an overview of the problems our country is facing. He said, our country has many paradoxes. A few years back we didn’t had heavy water (that is used in nuclear reactors) for the lack of technology. Now, we are the largest producer of heavy water in the world. Yet we are not able to provide safe drinking water to many of our villages, he said. He threw a question to the audience as to why we are not able to find solutions to the problems even when our country produces 1.1 million engineers every year and many more such highly educated human resources and said the answer lies in simple thing that we haven’t taught them problem solving. He also said that value education would play a major role in this. He described ‘Tech for seva’ as the most inspiring conference in recent times and said here he saw ‘Seva’ in action.

Arun Nanda, Director CSR of Mahindra and Mahindra group, innovation and entrepreneurial abilities are there in our DNA but we have always underestimated ourselves because of the influence of the west. He also put forth his views on the various facets of ‘seva’ and said that the true solution to the problem of corruption would come if we could inculcate this value of seva in our education.