Government sets up committee on Natgrid to track terror activities

Agencies    31-Dec-2014

New Delhi, December 31: A high-level committee, headed by the Union Home Secretary, has been set up to allay apprehension of data sharing by various government agencies with Natgrid, the proposed real-time intelligence sharing setup to track terror activities.

Official sources said, the committee, constituted by the government, will discuss with various stakeholders of National Intelligence Grid, Natgrid, like IB, R&AW, CBI, CBDT and remove their apprehension on breach of security and misuse of information.

It will also hold discussions with state governments and chalk out strategy on how to bring synergy in data sharing, coordination and dissemination of information.

Natgrid seeks to synergise more than 20 categories of database from agencies like, railways, banks, airlines, credit card companies, immigration and others, and make it available to the law enforcement officers.