Kudankulam nuclear reactor begins commercial power generation

Agencies    31-Dec-2014

Chennai, December 31: In Tamil Nadu, commercial power generation in Kudankulam nuclear power plant was started last midnight after getting approval from Nuclear Power Corporation according to its site director R S Sundar.

At present full capacity of 1000 MW is being generated. About 562 Mega Watts electricity will be given to Tamil Nadu and the rest will be shared amongst Kerala, Karnataka and Puducherry through Central power grid in Abhishekapatti Tirunelveli. Till now more than 335 crore units of electricity has been generated from Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

The Kudankulam Nuclear power plant with the help of Russian expertise was started in March 2002 and was supposed to start power generation in December 2007.

The first unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant achieved full capacity of 1000 mega watts power generation on 7th of June. This is the highest power generation by not just any single nuclear power unit but any power generation unit in the country.