Early Samsung Note 4 Models Showing Production Defects

Agencies    30-Sep-2014

New Delhi, September 30: We all know that Samsung GALAXY Note 4 has already begun retailing in South Korea and China. While fans in India were a bit disappointed that the device has not reached the country, it seems that everything does indeed happen for the good. Reports from the Korean media now point to gaps between the metal frame and the display in the early batch of Samsung GALAXY Note 4 devices.

The gaps as you can see from the images below are pretty noticeable; so much so that you could easily shove a business card between them. There are no other issues reported so far, and even though the gaps seem to do no harm, there is a fat chance that dust will settle in there and make your shiny new GALAXY look old in no time.

The issue does remind us about a similar design oddity that showed up on the Sony Xperia Z2, with gaps showing between the top and bottom edges of the display and the metal frame. While there were no complaints about water damage resulting from the same, there was a lot of dust accumulating in the gaps. Sony seems to have finally fixed the issue with the Xperia Z3 and came up with a more polished unit this time around.

Samsung was indeed in a hurry to push out its GALAXY Note 4 units (in a bid to reach out to some potential iPhone 6 Plus fans) and it seems that all of that hurry, has created an issue during the assembly. As of now Samsung has not responded to the issue.