LGBT community demands discussion on Section 377 in Parliament; says it should be dismissed

News Bharati English    30-Nov-2015

New Delhi, November 30: The LGBT community on Sunday demanded a discussion in the Parliament on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), saying it should be dismissed. "Section 377 must be discussed in the Parliament. It should not be considered on morality value, but as a human and constitutional right. Section 377 should be dismissed," Transgender rights activist Laxmi Tripathi told media. If the Indian Penal Code criminalizes homosexual acts, stating it is 'against the order of nature'. "If Jaitley ji has said that the matter should go up to the Supreme Court and the court should decide this...the court has said the Parliament should see to it. The government and the court should not play this ball game with our society and with people's freedom and democracy," Tripathi added.

Echoing similar sentiments, another member of the LGBT community said that the section must be reviewed and the government should look into the matter. Another member of the community demanded a bill on the section in the Parliament.

Embeded ObjectEmbeded Object"We don't have any problem if the Parliament makes a law on it. I think the ruling government should say something on this,' he added. Hundreds of gay rights activists today danced to drum beats and held colorful balloons as they marched in the 'Queer Pride Parade' here, celebrating the diversity of gender and sexuality.

Speaking at the Times Lit Fest yesterday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said that the apex court should not have reversed the Delhi High Court order de-criminalizing consensual sex among homosexuals. "When you have millions of people involved in this (homosexuality) you can't nudge them off," Jaitley said. "The Supreme Court's 2014 verdict banning gay sex is not in accordance with the evolving legal jurisprudence and the court needs to reconsider it," he added.

In December 2013, the Supreme Court had overturned the Delhi High Court's July 2009 judgement, which had declared Section 377 as unconstitutional. The apex court had stated that amending or revoking Section 377 should be a matter left to the Parliament and not the judiciary.