Women from Jabalpur claims to be Geeta's mother

News Bharati English    30-Dec-2015

Jabalpur, December 30: A new turn have taken place in the matter of finding Geeta’s family, the hearing and speech-impaired girl who had lived in Pakistan for over ten years after crossing the border, as a 40 year old women from Jabalpur on Tuesday claimed herself to be Geeta’s mother.  

Aneesa Bi, has given an application for meeting Geeta, who she claim as her daughter Najjo, who had been missing from Gotegaon in Narsinghpur district about 13 years ago. “The woman also submitted a passport size photograph of her lost daughter,”district in-charge collector Ashish Singh said, adding that her application was forwarded to the social justice department.

Geeta, who landed in Pakistan accidentally as a child where she stayed for over 10 years, is lodged at an institution here for those suffering from hearing and speech impairment.

“I have given her application to the joint director of social justice department for verifying it and after that it will be forwarded to the Centre which will only decide whether to allow this woman to meet Geeta or not,” he said.