People of Delhi should not be 'too worried' regarding the odd-even formula, says Bassi

News Bharati English    31-Dec-2015

New Delhi, December 31: Taking into consideration the worries of Delhiites, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi on Wednesday said that the public should not worry too much about the new scheme and asserted that handling the implementation of the odd-even formula in the nation capital was not a major challenge.

"This is not something incredible or a herculean task, nor are we hassled. We are not too worried about it and neither should the public. Now the police will have to ensure that odd number cars don't run on even days and vice versa," Bassi told the media.Bassi added that the Delhi Police will be aiming to ensure that no mega jams occur during the 15-day trial period of the odd-even formula. "The fine is 2000 rupees if you do not follow the odd-even formula. In the 15 days when the scheme is implemented, we will be extra cautious on peak hours," Bassi added.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in the national capital has extended its full support to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's scheme and said it will comply with all the restrictions. The odd and even car number formula will be applied here on a trial basis for 15 days starting from January 1, 2016.

Earlier, in his statements on the scheme, Bassi said the police force will work according to the notification regarding the odd-even policy and urged people not to lie as exemptions will be based on trust. Bassi issued a directive to the people wanting to volunteer for better implementation of the Odd-Even formula in the national capital and said that they would be provided details about the action plan.

The scheme is being implemented for a period of 15 days from today on trial basis to curb pollution in Delhi. Violators of the scheme would attract a penalty of Rs. 2,000. Also, VIPs, women drivers, CNG-certified vehicles, two-wheelers and those carrying the differently-abled are among the 25 categories which will be exempted from the scheme.