Thousands of Taiwanian protest against same-sex marriage law

News Bharati English    17-Nov-2016

Taipei, Nov 17: Over 10,000 people in Taiwan’s capital gathered in front of the parliament to protest the legislation allowing marriage between the same sex and adoption of children by the gay couples.

The people began their protest as the members of parliament began the review of the two amendments to the civil code that would allow the new law.

The opposition to this new amendment is very strong. A teacher said, “We demand a referendum, a minority cannot destroy the institution of marriage”.

According to agencies three readings of the draft in the recent past and the final draft would be presented to the parliament next month. The vote for approval is likely to be held in February next year.  If this law is approved, Taiwan will be the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriages.

The demonstrators denounced the haste in passing the legislation demanding that the issue should be decided through a popular referendum. Thousands of them displayed placards that read: “Marriage, family, let the people choose”. A participant in the demonstration said, “We do not want the institution of marriage destroyed by a minority of people who plan to do what they want. This is not legal and not what our society is founded on.”

Even some supporters of gay marriage have gathered in front of Parliament to make their voice heard. Oct. 29, 80 thousand people had taken part in a "gay pride" in Taipei to seek the approval of the law. The division of society surfaced during one of the last parliamentary sessions when a fight broke out among the deputies of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the opposition Kuomintang.

The legalisation of marriages between persons of the same sex was proposed in Taiwan as early as 2013 but was rejected.