MRM holds unique ‘cow milk party’ to spread awareness about cow milk

News Bharati English    04-Feb-2016

Varanasi, Feb 4: To clear the confusion and polluted air over beef consumption and take the straight and clear message about benefits of cow milk amongst the masses, the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) organized a unique “Cow Milk Party” here recently.

The peculiar event held at Ravindrapuri in this religious capital of India succeeded in disseminating the message of consumption of cow milk and its benefits to physical and intellectual health of an individual.

The MRM event also conveyed the message regarding the dangers and health hazards posed by consuming beef in most clear terms.

This Cow Milk Party was marked by the presence of religious leaders from all religions including Sajjadanasheen of Hazrat Bholeshah Deewan Maulana Maksud Ahmed Kadri, Christian religious leader Father Chandrakant, Pandit RIshi Dwivedi and Hanuman Chalisa Fame Nazneen Ansari. Dr Hemant Gupta, patron of Kashi Prant MRM presided over this unique event.

Dr Gupta in his address on the occasion exposed those elements which promoted beef consumption and said that consumption of beef makes the children sick. It also causes stomach disorders and even cancer like diseases. He, therefore, appealed to all to shun the practice of consuming beef and start drinking milk.

All the religious leaders and social activists underlined the fact that no religion has ever consented to sacrificing cow and consuming beef as a compulsory custom. “There has never been social sanction to cow slaughter”, the said in one voice.

MRM activist Mohammad Azaruddin distributed milk to all and administered the oath of protecting the cow. He said that the cow milk party was a symbol of unity, fraternity and a resolve to fight against diseases and make the society healthy. On the other hand those who advocated consumption of beef were in fact spreading façade and diseases, he said.

The Cow Milk Party was formally inaugurated by Maulana Maksud Ahmed Kadri by offering milk to Pandit Rishi Dwivedi and Dr Hemant Gupta. He said in his brief address that beef is considered as bad for health while milk is treated as nectar. Nobody should indulge in such act that would lead to façade and riot. With this motive only vegetarian Prasad was distributed at the Bholeshah Deewan Urs as both Hindus and Muslims participate in large numbers, he said.

He appealed to the Muslims in particular to sharpen the intellect of their children by giving them cow milk daily but refrain from consuming beef and never ever indulge in cow slaughter.

Director of Maitri Bhavan Father Chandrakant said that doctors advice cow milk for any infant whose mothers are not alive or could not produce required quantity of milk. He said that a cow can feed 24 children on her milk and insisted on saving the cow to take the benefits of cow milk to all.

Pandit Rishi Dwivedi said that according to Hindu mythology cow is held in high esteem by all the Hindus. He lamented that at present the ‘mothers’ are in danger be it ‘Gomata’, ‘Ganga Mata’ or ‘Bharat Mata’ or even ‘Dharti Mata’. He said that according to scriptures cow worship is suggested to pacify the planets and ward off their ill effects on the human beings.

Dr Monica Gupta, a scientist said that cow milk possessed all the medicinal values as a mother’s milk and increased the immunity of a child. Cow milk develops the brains and intellect, enhances blood formation process and circulation and even immunized against cancer like disorders.

Embeded ObjectDr Hemand Gupta, Patrom of MRM Kashi Prant said that beef consumption leads to heart attack. Liver gets affected and child development is affected. He also said that the chances of intestinal cancer are enhanced with beef consumption, reproductive organs are also damaged and people are exposed to ‘mad cow disease’.

Dr Rajiv Shrivastava, Sewa Pramukh of MRM termed cow slaughter as a conspiracy to weaken the young generations of India. He blamed the foreign vested elements for promotion of cow slaughter and beef consumption.

He said that the Mughal Emperors too had banned cow slaughter honouring the sentiments of Hindus and saved the Muslims from falling prey to diseases.

Nazneen Ansari, who mobilized Muslim women in Varanasi to recite Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday, said in her address that they have vowed to awaken Muslim women to consume cow milk and stop consuming beef in their houses.

Prominent amongst those who attended the party included Dr Rajeev Shrivastava, Mohammad Azaruddin, Riyazul Haq, Naseem Akhtar, Shabnam Bibi, Najbun, Madina, Waris Ali, Shams Parveen, Nazneen Ansari, Nazma Parveen, Abhinav Singh, Kashinath Shukla, Shyam Narayan Mishra, Sushil Kumar, Sheeba Anjum, Shahjahan, Shabanam and others.

Cow milk party at Gwalior: Meanwhile, the activists of Muslim Rashtriya Manch also conducted a grand 'Cow Milk Party' at Gwalior under the leadership of Advocate Shiraj Qureshi, Co-Convener of MRM Intellectual Cell.

Here the program was organised in association with Sikandar Bakth Foundation. "Gay aur Islam", a publication of Muslim Rashtriya Manch was also released on this occasion.