Self-purification the ultimate solution to achieve social harmony: Indresh Kumar   

News Bharati English    30-Jul-2016

Kurukshetra, July 30: “To thwart the destruction of our culture and traditions the whole society needs to cleanse the internal dirt by rising above caste, religion and all kinds of discriminating tendencies”, said Indresh Kumar, senior RSS functionary.  

He was addressing a gathering at Kurukshetra University on a seminar organised by Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) on the role of police, society, and panchayat in curbing drug abuse, female foeticide, unemployment and caste-based discrimination.

The seminar was addressed by Mahamandaleswar Yateendra Nath Giri, Indresh Kumar, Haryana Minister Ram Vilas Sharna, Air Marshall R C Bajpai, Dr Kamal Gupta, MLA, Kapil Agrawal, MLA, Reshma Singh, Subhash Yadav IG Rajpal IG and others.

The speakers in the seminar debated on social evils such as drug abuse, corruption, murder, domestic violence, caste-based discrimination, community conflicts, riots and all other such things that have flourished due to an unethical and contaminated mindset of society.

This has led to social distress and conflict directly affecting the development process besides creating animosity. This is because of the polluted and ugly mindset. To defeat all such tendencies society needed the cleansing of mind. The people should look beyond traditional politics, caste, creed and religion and ethnic identity Indresh Kumar said.

We have to be vigilant towards the social conflicts happening in our day to day life. More awareness is required for the sustainable environment as well as the cleanliness of our surrounding to maintain the health of human being, Indresh Kumar said.

He further added that since last two years the new epoch of good governance has begun which has taken care of diminution of corruption in the country. We all have to work towards the development of all along with welfare of downtrodden. All of us have to invest quality time in the service of mankind.

Taking a dig at Pakistan he said, we need to be observant and vigilant about the conduct and malpractices of our neighbour Pakistan who is continuously trying to intervene in the day to day affairs of India. Pakistan is relentlessly working to destroy peace and law and order in India. Pakistan has not been able to provide justice to their own national but unnecessarily troubling India.

At the holy place of Kurukshetra, he urged the audience to take the plunge to combat with female foeticide, griminess and to build addiction free society. He announced that on 17th August at New Delhi, on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, many  religious organisations would be meeting together  to deliberate on bringing self-purification to defeat the societal evils.

In his address, Mahamandleshwar Yateendra Nath said that purity has a direct relation with Dharma. Dharma does not include any kind of political activities. The youth of the country should stay away from all types of addictions. When our neighbour is spoiling the lives of youths by dragging them into the shell of drug addiction it is prime the duty of ours as a society to keep them away from all such sponsored activities said, Swami.

Speaking on that occasion Minister of Haryana Government Ram Bilas Sharma said that the imbalance of girl child ration is not only national but also a global problem to look into.

He praised the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for the effective implementation of a program of Beti Bachao Beti padhao. The efforts of government have paid off resulting improvement in girl child ratio increasing from 834 to 905 he said.