Donald Trump should grope for peace

News Bharati English    28-Jan-2017   

Old in age but young at heart, Mr. Donald Trump has greatly terrified many by his unusual postures and gestures. Lots of filthy facts were brought out about Donald by the proactive media long before the US presidential election. Perhaps no previous presidents have so openly and so aggressively been challenged and belittled than the 45th President of USA. Donald owes his sharp rise in number of enemies to his sharp tongue. Despite being an old sinner, his strong will power, perseverance and a slew of downsides of the arch-rival -- Hillary Clinton finally helped Mr. Donald emerge triumphantly in the election.

Unlike his predecessors, Mr. President has now too many tough hurdles. Clearly lacking the diplomatic acumen of Barack Obama, Donald might experience unexpected political and administrative rough patches that might prove detrimental to the American citizenry. This might again upset the world-relationship equation. Obama, though allegedly soft on the formidable ISIS and others, he never failed to be endearing to the majority of the world’s population. Thanks to his shrewd oratory skill.

What is so ominously perceived at present is that the embattled president is under seized by women groups. They are determinedly prepared to hammer their points to show their president’s ugly face. Mr. Trump’s number of sexist comments on women, coupled with his past infamous misdemeanors have indeed added fueled to women’s movement for justice. Just one day after the presidential inauguration, unprecedented women’s marches in Washington, which was amplified by such processions in other major cities across the world, will be continuously and alarmingly ringing in the president’s ears.

The media groups are also not in good terms with Mr Trump. Fairly in advance his office has sent out the message in strong terms to the media to exercise their self-restraint. The President perceived the media as a stumbling block in his efforts to restore amity and peace. And thus, he squarely blames media for spreading lies and distorting the facts. Hope, the lusty President Donald will now grope with extra caution for the reconciliation with all groups unlike in the past.

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