With ‘Chu Kar Mere Man Ko’ and many more, let’s relive melodies of legend Kishore Kumar

NewsBharati    13-Oct-2017

Mumbai, October 13: Abhas Kumar Ganguly, known as Kishore Kumar is one of the greatest talents in the history of our Indian film industry. Though Kishore Kumar is well known for his songs in Bollywood, he also proved his talent as an actor, composer in the industry. He also sang in other languages like Bangla, Marathi, Assamese, Kannod etc. Kishore Kumar rendered innumerable Bollywood classics which are remembered till today. On his 30th death anniversary looking back at his music career, here are 10 songs listed which cannot be missed if someone really wants to know his music properly.

1. Ek Chatur Naar (Padosaan) - This is considered as one of the toughest compositions in the history of Bollywood film music. Kishore Kumar was well known for singing light music, but in this track, he sang this semi-classical and gave a hard competition to other singers of that time. This song was refused by another legend Manna Dey at first, then Kishore Kumar and Mehmood made this immortal track finally. In this track, Kishore Kumar also acted on screen

2. Aake Sidhi Laagi Dil Pe ( Half Ticket, 1962)- This is another signature of Kishore Kumar. This song has to voices, both are done by Kishore Kumar. According to the scene, a male artist dressed as a female dances with another male artist, in this situation Kishore Kumar voiced both the characters in two different voices easily which is one of the toughest jobs for any vocalist.

3. Guten Morgen Bunjo (Dustu Projapoti,1973)- This track is in Bengali Hindi and English, all languages and voices are sung by Kishore Kumar. Not only the music he also narrated the story in a musical form inside the song in different voice modulation.

4. Roop Tera Mastaana (Araadhana, 1969)- This is another Bollywood classic which is as still remembered as a dance number. Kishore Kumar was also comfortable in peppy music. This track is one of those timeless numbers of Kishoreji.

5. Ek ladki bhigi bhagi Si ( Chalti ka Naam Gaadi,1958)- Another hit number of Kishore Kumar, which gained too much popularity at that time. Here Kishore Kumar is also leaping the song on screen.

6. Ek ajnaabi Hasiina se (ajnabee,1974)- This is one of the greatest Romantic song in the history of Bollywood music. Kishore Kumar was also widely known for singing such romantic numbers.

7. Rimjhim Gire Sawan ( Manzeel,1969)- This song was composed by legend R.D. Burman, sung by Kishore Kumar. This is known for its melody and soulful rendition.

8. O mere Dil ke chain (Mere Jeevan Saathi, 1972)- Another beautiful composition by R.D. Burman, and sung by Kishore Kumar. This song goes with a different melody and pattern which generally not matches with the ‘Kishore Kumar Pattern’, but Kishore ji sang the song and proved that true talent has no barrier. This is also one of the greatest hit of Bollywood

9. O maajhi re (Khusbu)- This is a slow song than other numbers of Kishore Kumar comparatively, but here also Kishore Kumar skilfully extracted the beauty of the song, and it could be listed as one of the toughest song sung by Kishore Kumar.

10. Phool o ki Rang se ( Prem Pujari)- This song is one of the famous songs of Kishore Kumar which is known as much as his name.

Other than these songs there are also many classics gifted by Kishore Kumar but these 10 songs express his vividness, his style, his signature, his flavor which are still present in his tracks.