Lobsang Sangay wants Tibet to be restored as buffer zone between India, China

NewsBharati    20-Nov-2017

Halifax, November 20: Lobsang Sangay, the president of Tibetan-government-in-Exile has said he wants Tibet to be restored as a buffer zone between India and China.  .Tibet may be a small country but plays a very important role in a big international issue, India-China relation. Hence President of the country, Dr. Lobsang Sangay was featured as a key speaker at the panel session titled ‘India-China Relations, in a Canadian forum. He held the Doklam issue as only the beginning of China’s expansionist design rather than a one-off standoff.

According to the leader, Tibet basically remains the ore issue of India-China relation. He accounted that Tibet issue needs to be resolved for a stable relation between India and China. “India and China never shared a border, it always was between India and Tibet. It best serves India’s interest to restore Tibet’s status as a buffer zone between India and China,” said the President Dr Sangay. He also mentioned India shares 3500 km border with Tibet.

Recently the holy figure of Tibet Dalai Lama cam to India and he mentioned that India and China have to “live side by side” whether they like it or not. India and China have “great potential” and they could work together towards a more compassionate world.

“I think, a great potential… India and China can do something for a more compassionate humanity. Imagine two billion people working together,” he said. He also said while three of the countries have a great shared heritage like Nalanda school thought, this can be issued to resolve the issue.