Wanna see a #zerohunger world? Just follow these 9 tips to avoid wasting food unnecessarily

NewsBharati    24-Nov-2017

Mumbai, November 24: Wasting food is one of the worst habits a man can have while so many people across the world suffer from and die from hunger, malnutrition. But unfortunately, almost every well-off man has this habit. It is so unfortunate that about 1/3 of the food we produce globally is lost or wasted every year. If you really want to come out of such a habit have a look at the 7 tips below.

Food and Agricultural organizations of United Nations came up with these 9 tips which are being elaborated here so you can implement easily.

1. Start small – Take smaller portions at home or share large dishes at restaurants. Usually, we take a huge amount of food at starting of a dinner, especially when we dine out which leads to waste of food. But if we take small we will avoid that while we can order later also if we feel hungry.

2. Leave nothing behind- As it is not possible every time to predict exactly how much food we are goon consume, we can’t finish all food on the plate. That is why we should take small portion food from the bowl and the leftovers can be packed later.

3. Buy only what you need- When we go to grocery shopping or vegetable market we get so overwhelmed that we overbuy every time and that results in the waste of food after a certain time. Here also if we calculate carefully we can avoid this.

4. Don’t be prejudiced- Sometimes we don’t eat a fruit or vegetable if its shape or color somehow distorted. We waste it but we forget there are thousands of people who will be grateful if can eat such food also. In addition to that, foods don’t lose nutritional value if it does not look good.

5. Check your fridge- Though we usually keep almost every food in Fridge some get rotten over time. But if we properly maintain fridge temperature that won’t happen.

6. First in, first out- It’s more like first come and first serve. Try to have the food earlier which you bought first. When you stack up your fridge and cupboards, move older products to the front and place newer ones in the back.

7. Understand dates - “Use by” indicates a date by which the food is safe to be eaten, while “best before” means the food’s quality is best prior to that date, but it is still safe for consumption after it. Another date mark that you can find on food packages is the “Sell by” date, which is helpful for stock rotation by manufacturers and retailers.

8. Compost – We all know some green veggies or leaves we have that can create organic fuel by composting. So if by trying all above tips you accidentally waste some, just compost it. At least, it will not get out of the ecosystem.

9. Donate the surplus – Sharing is caring. So if you have some surplus after everything, find someone who is ready to take it and share the food.

Hence not wasting food is very easy if be just little sensitive and careful.