Kolkata Police caught Bangladeshi infiltrators involved in various stealing cases

19 Dec 2017 10:06:02

Kolkata, December 19: West Bengal is one of the states in eastern India which shares a large border with Bangladesh. Hence the impact of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is noticeable across the state, especially in Bengal capital Kolkata. Recently, a family from the town suffered a loss from bad theft and increasing tension of administration Police has identified the thieves as Bangladeshi immigrants. Usually, the immigrants used to take part in illegal import-export but now they have started being involved in stealing cases too.

In last week, a family in Kolkata’s Santoshpur witnessed a bad case of stealing. The unfortunate family lost cash along with many costly things including a diamond ring, gold jewelry, and expensive wrist watches. They almost wiped out everything from the house. During the investigation of this case, the Bangladeshi immigrant linkage has been discovered.

A local constable noticed two unknown men wondering in the locality. After interrogation, he took them to the local police station where the source of worse racket got unraveled. The two arrested men Muhammad Rehan and Muhammad Russel entered India along with some other illegal immigrants. In a large area, they created an active thieves’ gang and the gang was recently trying to extend its activity circle in South Kolkata.

In interrogation, Police caught almost the whole racket and the leader of the gang. Though the leader Najima Bibi was from West Bengal 7 thieves among 10 were from Bangladesh. As the flow of Bangladeshi immigrant heavily increased, this is really alarming for the state. The administration should take it as a wakeup call.

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